36 reasons to use social networking software on your site

Twitter, Facebook, Google all have on thing in common: they are networks.  Content is built by their clients. By Making your site social, content is created by your visitors.

The internet connects people. It makes them want to talk, be heard, and see what other people like them have to say. They want to listen to people like them, and comment back.Google, Bing etc… Have all started indexing tweets.  This is a shift in paradigm of the internet. Importance is being given to what people are saying.

The links people make between blogs, sites are still important.  But listing tweets gives Google a new way of indexing. Expect this to evolve.

If your site is boring one-way talk to the visitor, you’ll find out they hate you on someone else’s blog.

The quicker people complain, the quicker you can do something about it.

Groups of people think of things that you can’t think of yourself, even if you’re an expert in your niche such as Rainbow Riches or any other niche to do with online gambling

Giving users opportunity to review things automatically lets your promote the best product. The crowd will tell you what not to promote.

The more you allow your content to be talked about and mashed up, the better people listen to you.

Giving users the possibility blog and share provides constant updated content, which the Search Engines love.

If you are a commercial organisation, consumers will connect your open attitude to dialogue with the quality of your product.

You can use the community as a bouncing board for new ideas.

The more you talk to people, the more connections you make. Same goes for a website.

The world has never been more connected, yet we feel like never before that we don’t know anything.  Transparancy is key. A social website with blogs, forums, groups, shoutboxes, RSS, twitterfeed, allows you to be transparent while reaching a lot of people.

People will always trust fellow consumers more than they do providers.

If you have a good product, why be afraid?

The website form the Virgin Group did it. They’re good.

You can connect branded networks more and more easily to twitter and facebook to avoid isolation.

Facebook and twitter is not enough. The world needs niche networking sites. People are afraid of being themselves in real life, facebook almost made them afraid to be on the web.

The networked market knows more than companies do about their own products, thanks to their numbers.

Quality by numbers?

Visitor loyalty of social websites is much higher than non-social websites.

Conversation happens with or without you.  Better make it with you.

Word of mouth is stronger than any self-written promo will ever be.

More loyalty and more participation means more links.

You’ll have a never ending resource of new product ideas/topics.

If you’re an organisation, you can use social networking software to create very powerful intranets.

Having people interact on your site opens the door to new business. If you provide information on webdesign tools, you can now add a marketplace where freelancers and consumers meet.

If you’re too lazy to post during three days, one of your members will.

If you provide exclusive, very wanted content, you can charge people membership fees to the network.

Customer service costs will be reduced tremendously

Facebook and Twitter cater for “elegant organisation” in communities.  Think of the tools you want to communicate with your market. Don’t mistake social media with making your site social.

Having your own social network allows you to collect information about your visitors.

CPM rates for ads on active social website with high visitor loyalty can be set higher.

For every existing offline group, an online community is waiting to be born to help them “elegantly organise”.

Its fun.