Anchor – ERP Software

Anchor: Anchor is a fully integrated web enabled intranet based ERP application suitable for multi location SME’s.

This product consists of the following base modules:

b) Inventory Management covering all functions related to inventory management of raw materials including functions related ton pre-receipt and post receipt of materials also includes inventory valuation, stock statements for bank purposes etc.

d) HR and Payroll Management covering all functions related to HR management and payroll. Also includes statutory reports, statements, loan management, training of personnel, employee severance, employee’s suggestion scheme, disciplinary action and inter unit transfer of employees / workers, attendance record, short term and long term man power planning along with registration of labour contracts, man power consultants, automated recruitment procedures, leave management, project management with management of deployment of personnel, performance appraisal, inter personal relationships within groups and between groups etc.

e) Administrative Management covers all administrative functions such as user management with password protection, assigning of roles and granting privileges to users based on their status with flexibility for choosing to what extent user can have privileges, configuration management, data storage, data restoration and backup facility apart from all other security related issues.

f) Finance and Accounts Management covers all functions related to finance, budgeting and maintaining of accounts. Also includes provision for maintaining subsidiary ledgers, excise records and returns, facility to generate all required MIS reports, maintain and monitor bills of exchange / hundies, statutory returns in respect of PF, ESI, professional tax, TDS (both inward and outward), form 16 for employee deductions, book closure, sales tax returns etc. Also includes an utility for conducting ratio analysis, fund flow and cash flow statements, maintain fixed asset register with depreciation schedule etc.

g) CRM Module includes a basic CRM module for pre-sale and post-sale customer relationships, market survey and industry related information, customer feedback and preferences, sales promotion schemes and product recalls.

In addition to the above base modules, which are in general, “Anchor” will also have the following industry specific modules.

a) Bill of Materials covering estimation for material requirements based on production plan and / or sales indent, facility to prepare purchase plan based on estimation of material requirements etc.

b) Production planning and Control covering short term and long-term production plans with facility to draw, modify and monitor production plans based on availability of resources. Facility to monitor status of intermediate products throughout the production cycle. Facility to determine efficiency of all resources and performance measurement, apart from wastage analysis etc.

c) Maintenance and Safety covering all functions related to maintenance of plant and machinery with preventative and breakdown maintenance, record machine failures and analysis of industrial accidents.