Liquor Beer Wine Inventory Control Software System

MannMade Software is very excited to announce the release date for its brand-new program, BarBiz!. This first release of the program is a low-cost liquor, wine and beer inventory control system. Inventory control of your beverage inventory is critical towards your success and now BarBiz! makes powerful computer inventory control to you at an extremely affordable price.

BarBiz! is a liquor, beer and wine inventory control software system designed especially for the beverage industry!

BarBiz! is designed to cut the time that an owner must spend to actually perform his regular bar inventory by implementing the integration of cutting edge software technology with existing physical inventory procedures.

BarBiz! is a business software system designed for the beverage industry, specifically targeted to the owners/managers who want to automate numerous procedures (like liquor inventory control) to increase their efficiency and to save time & money as well!. Monitoring liquor inventory is considered a “necessary evil” in the bar industry. Fail to control your liquor inventory and you take a chance on being robbed blind by your employees. However, up until now, the only alternatives to a strictly manually based liquor inventory system were costly computerized systems that only the “big boys” could afford. Not any more!

If you’re currently using “banger” registers but wish to upgrade a bit to a simple, cost-effective but very powerful liquor, beer and wine inventory control software system, or if you’ve been using a combination of QuickBooks and Excel (along with, perhaps, a simple, generic database program) to try and patch your own liquor inventory software package together, BarBiz! is designed especially for you!

The program is being released in modules, the first of which is “Inventory” which is due for release late second quarter 2003. Inventory will retail for only$495.00 (USD) as a stand alone program primarily designed to improveandautomate the liquor, beer and wine inventory control procedure but supplying a few other necessary functions too. These features will include Employee info, Vendor Info, Purchase Orders and a reconciliation function to compare data with your POS system, whether you are using banger registers or using one of the smaller POS systems.

BarBiz! comes with a “Master Liquor Inventory” containing all of the liquor currently being sold in the state of Ohio. Each bar selects which liquors they choose to stock from this Master list saving time when setting up the program. Then the powerful liquor inventory software is ready to have individual pricing setup for the various liquor inventory items selected.

36 reasons to use social networking software on your site

Twitter, Facebook, Google all have on thing in common: they are networks.  Content is built by their clients. By Making your site social, content is created by your visitors.

The internet connects people. It makes them want to talk, be heard, and see what other people like them have to say. They want to listen to people like them, and comment back.Google, Bing etc… Have all started indexing tweets.  This is a shift in paradigm of the internet. Importance is being given to what people are saying.

The links people make between blogs, sites are still important.  But listing tweets gives Google a new way of indexing. Expect this to evolve.

If your site is boring one-way talk to the visitor, you’ll find out they hate you on someone else’s blog.

The quicker people complain, the quicker you can do something about it.

Groups of people think of things that you can’t think of yourself, even if you’re an expert in your niche such as Rainbow Riches or any other niche to do with online gambling

Giving users opportunity to review things automatically lets your promote the best product. The crowd will tell you what not to promote.

The more you allow your content to be talked about and mashed up, the better people listen to you.

Giving users the possibility blog and share provides constant updated content, which the Search Engines love.

If you are a commercial organisation, consumers will connect your open attitude to dialogue with the quality of your product.

You can use the community as a bouncing board for new ideas.

The more you talk to people, the more connections you make. Same goes for a website.

The world has never been more connected, yet we feel like never before that we don’t know anything.  Transparancy is key. A social website with blogs, forums, groups, shoutboxes, RSS, twitterfeed, allows you to be transparent while reaching a lot of people.

People will always trust fellow consumers more than they do providers.

If you have a good product, why be afraid?

The website form the Virgin Group did it. They’re good.

You can connect branded networks more and more easily to twitter and facebook to avoid isolation.

Facebook and twitter is not enough. The world needs niche networking sites. People are afraid of being themselves in real life, facebook almost made them afraid to be on the web.

The networked market knows more than companies do about their own products, thanks to their numbers.

Quality by numbers?

Visitor loyalty of social websites is much higher than non-social websites.

Conversation happens with or without you.  Better make it with you.

Word of mouth is stronger than any self-written promo will ever be.

More loyalty and more participation means more links.

You’ll have a never ending resource of new product ideas/topics.

If you’re an organisation, you can use social networking software to create very powerful intranets.

Having people interact on your site opens the door to new business. If you provide information on webdesign tools, you can now add a marketplace where freelancers and consumers meet.

If you’re too lazy to post during three days, one of your members will.

If you provide exclusive, very wanted content, you can charge people membership fees to the network.

Customer service costs will be reduced tremendously

Facebook and Twitter cater for “elegant organisation” in communities.  Think of the tools you want to communicate with your market. Don’t mistake social media with making your site social.

Having your own social network allows you to collect information about your visitors.

CPM rates for ads on active social website with high visitor loyalty can be set higher.

For every existing offline group, an online community is waiting to be born to help them “elegantly organise”.

Its fun.

Newspaper Classifieds Software

Anyone connected to the world of advertising appreciates talented layout artists — those enigmatic visual guardians of the printed page who cleverly meld design ideas with copy and headlines. Each artist’s ultimate goal is to create visually appealing messages —elements vital to every successfully produced print ad, brochure and flyer.

Today’s budget-conscious businesses also appreciate saving time and money on design and production. However, cutting corners on advertising can have dire consequences. Sacrificing quality and creative oversight has always been of vital concern — until now.

Meet Kevin Downey and he will be happy to introduce you to his uniquely global approach to local advertising projects: Quick and Easy Ads.

From his busy Advertising Director’s office at The Virgin Islands Daily News, Downey searched for ways to resolve an enviable dilemma: How to best create a sufficient number of visual presentations to keep up with client demand. Necessity having maintained its status as the mother of invention, even in paradise, Downey addressed the problem with ‘big picture’ vision and aplomb.

Facing limited creative resources on-island, a growing sales team with customers clamoring for more dynamic visuals, the quick turn-around nature of the newspaper business and tight budget constraints, Downey went to work. Over a four-year period, Downey dealt with a number of bumps and glitches. “I don’t think you can computerize creativity,” he said, adding, “The trick is to use technology to access optimum creativity.”

Through comprehensive research, hands-on contact and obvious tenacity, Downey established a fascinating method for resolving his situation. He established exclusive agreements with English-speaking layout artists in key locations around the globe. His system ensured that a certified layout artist would always be available to work on a project and take it to completion in short order. What a boon to his ever-increasing number of savvy customer service representatives!

Downey soon realized the clever system he established to serve his newspaper’s advertising department could be taken to the next level. Think of it. A one-person advertising agency in Duluth could have print ads ready for client approval the very next day. A short-staffed in-house promotion department in Las Vegas could produce a 4-color brochure practically overnight. A car dealership in Wilmington no longer would need to keep a staff member tied up with ad designs and last minute price changes. A non-profit organization in Denver could create an attractive flyer to promote a fund-raising event in no time. Best of all, the cost-effective pricing for the service would be stunning: $1 per square inch.

“We now have 124 artists in places such as Canada, London, China and Sri Lanka. That means a layout artist is available to anyone, anywhere around the clock,” said Downey.

That’s right. Quick and Easy Ads is up and running and ready to serve you today. How does it work? As the name implies, it is quick and easy. Simply visit Complete the easy to follow web-based ad assignment form, attach your custom pictures, logos and illustrations and click ‘send.’ By the way, you have the option to leave the creativity to your assigned artist or you may provide explicit instructions. You will receive an email confirmation for your files. The next day, you will receive an email with an attached low-resolution PDF file ready for your review. You may accept the finished design as-is or request revisions and then edit the ad up to a maximum of three times at no additional charge. Corrections are done within an average two-hour timeframe. Once the ad has been created to your satisfaction, simply indicate your approval. Your final product will be delivered via high resolution PDF. All ads are reviewed for professionalism and creativity before they are released. Downey emphasized, “This is not template ad designing. That’s what sets us apart.”

Quick and Easy Ads creates advertising layouts in color or in black and white for your newspaper or magazine needs. Clients also may take advantage of this amazing service to design flyers, brochures, presentation covers — virtually anything in print is eligible to enjoy the premium services and low rates.

A magna cum laud graduate of Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania, Downey received his Masters in Public Affairs and Journalism from The American University in Washington, DC. Immersed in the small to mid-size U.S. newspaper business market throughout his career, he made a giant leap of faith to the Pulitzer Prize-winning Virgin Islands Daily News in 2003. Since his arrival in the territory, he substantially increased the growth of the newspaper’s advertising department. Also, in his capacity as Advertising Director, he is responsible for having developed the No. 1 website in the Caribbean:

NetERP – ERP Software

NetERP simplifies back-office process automation for mid-sized and growing businesses. It provides real-time visibility into financials, order management, purchasing, inventory, employee management, e-commerce and more. With NetERP, you’ll accelerate business cycles, improve productivity and reliability, and provide higher levels of service to customers, suppliers and partners.

Improve Collaboration. NetERP improves collaboration among customers, suppliers and partners through self-service portals, providing for lead management, shipment tracking, bill payment and more.

Support Growing Needs. NetERP grows with your business by providing an option for an advanced inventory and fulfillment pack, enterprise reporting, and a seamless upgrade to integrated CRM capabilities in NetSuite.

Reduce IT Costs and Maintenance. As a Web-based, hosted solution, NetERP significantly reduces your total cost of ownership. There is no software to install, no hardware to purchase and maintain, and no upgrades requiring complex re-implementation over time. Our team of IT professionals manages your maintenance, support, and upgrades at our world-class data center. As a result, you can focus on running your business, while NetSuite runs your software.

Use Real-Time Dashboards for Better Decision Making. Dashboards give you a real-time snapshot of your business, enabling you to make better, faster decisions. You can view leads, commissions, sales revenue and forecasts, new cases and more.

Benefit from Seamless Integration. NetERP seamlessly ties together ERP applications with sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer support applications to support end-to-end business processes. As a result, your departments can work collaboratively to increase customer satisfaction and boost retention rates.

Anchor – ERP Software

Anchor: Anchor is a fully integrated web enabled intranet based ERP application suitable for multi location SME’s.

This product consists of the following base modules:

b) Inventory Management covering all functions related to inventory management of raw materials including functions related ton pre-receipt and post receipt of materials also includes inventory valuation, stock statements for bank purposes etc.

d) HR and Payroll Management covering all functions related to HR management and payroll. Also includes statutory reports, statements, loan management, training of personnel, employee severance, employee’s suggestion scheme, disciplinary action and inter unit transfer of employees / workers, attendance record, short term and long term man power planning along with registration of labour contracts, man power consultants, automated recruitment procedures, leave management, project management with management of deployment of personnel, performance appraisal, inter personal relationships within groups and between groups etc.

e) Administrative Management covers all administrative functions such as user management with password protection, assigning of roles and granting privileges to users based on their status with flexibility for choosing to what extent user can have privileges, configuration management, data storage, data restoration and backup facility apart from all other security related issues.

f) Finance and Accounts Management covers all functions related to finance, budgeting and maintaining of accounts. Also includes provision for maintaining subsidiary ledgers, excise records and returns, facility to generate all required MIS reports, maintain and monitor bills of exchange / hundies, statutory returns in respect of PF, ESI, professional tax, TDS (both inward and outward), form 16 for employee deductions, book closure, sales tax returns etc. Also includes an utility for conducting ratio analysis, fund flow and cash flow statements, maintain fixed asset register with depreciation schedule etc.

g) CRM Module includes a basic CRM module for pre-sale and post-sale customer relationships, market survey and industry related information, customer feedback and preferences, sales promotion schemes and product recalls.

In addition to the above base modules, which are in general, “Anchor” will also have the following industry specific modules.

a) Bill of Materials covering estimation for material requirements based on production plan and / or sales indent, facility to prepare purchase plan based on estimation of material requirements etc.

b) Production planning and Control covering short term and long-term production plans with facility to draw, modify and monitor production plans based on availability of resources. Facility to monitor status of intermediate products throughout the production cycle. Facility to determine efficiency of all resources and performance measurement, apart from wastage analysis etc.

c) Maintenance and Safety covering all functions related to maintenance of plant and machinery with preventative and breakdown maintenance, record machine failures and analysis of industrial accidents.