Liquor Beer Wine Inventory Control Software System

MannMade Software is very excited to announce the release date for its brand-new program, BarBiz!. This first release of the program is a low-cost liquor, wine and beer inventory control system. Inventory control of your beverage inventory is critical towards your success and now BarBiz! makes powerful computer inventory control to you at an extremely affordable price.

BarBiz! is a liquor, beer and wine inventory control software system designed especially for the beverage industry!

BarBiz! is designed to cut the time that an owner must spend to actually perform his regular bar inventory by implementing the integration of cutting edge software technology with existing physical inventory procedures.

BarBiz! is a business software system designed for the beverage industry, specifically targeted to the owners/managers who want to automate numerous procedures (like liquor inventory control) to increase their efficiency and to save time & money as well!. Monitoring liquor inventory is considered a “necessary evil” in the bar industry. Fail to control your liquor inventory and you take a chance on being robbed blind by your employees. However, up until now, the only alternatives to a strictly manually based liquor inventory system were costly computerized systems that only the “big boys” could afford. Not any more!

If you’re currently using “banger” registers but wish to upgrade a bit to a simple, cost-effective but very powerful liquor, beer and wine inventory control software system, or if you’ve been using a combination of QuickBooks and Excel (along with, perhaps, a simple, generic database program) to try and patch your own liquor inventory software package together, BarBiz! is designed especially for you!

The program is being released in modules, the first of which is “Inventory” which is due for release late second quarter 2003. Inventory will retail for only$495.00 (USD) as a stand alone program primarily designed to improveandautomate the liquor, beer and wine inventory control procedure but supplying a few other necessary functions too. These features will include Employee info, Vendor Info, Purchase Orders and a reconciliation function to compare data with your POS system, whether you are using banger registers or using one of the smaller POS systems.

BarBiz! comes with a “Master Liquor Inventory” containing all of the liquor currently being sold in the state of Ohio. Each bar selects which liquors they choose to stock from this Master list saving time when setting up the program. Then the powerful liquor inventory software is ready to have individual pricing setup for the various liquor inventory items selected.